Rudby Parish Council
Hutton Rudby Community Hub Isolation Support Group

The Hutton Rudby Community Hub Isolation Support Group was established to help members of our community who needed help or support during the coronavirus pandemic. The group is made up of local volunteers and its activities are co-ordinated by a Steering Group chaired by myself, Graham Peacock. Over the summer as lockdown measures have been lifted the numbers of people needing our assistance has declined and only a handful of calls were received during August so we have decided that it is the appropriate time to suspend our service.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this possible, especially our volunteers, but also those who have made donations of funds, and those who have provided facilities or infrstructure.

We have suspended the service but not fully wound up in case it is needed over the winter. We are retaining contact details of volunteers etc. for the time being, but if there is no further need for our service over the winter, we anticipate fully closing down in the spring at which point all records will be deleted.

Graham Peacock, Chairman

This page is hosted by Rudby Parish Council but all content is provided by the Hutton Rudby Isolation Support Group.