Rudby Parish Council

Rudby Parish Council

Rudby Parish Council meetings take place in the Chapel Schoolroom at 7:15pm on the 2nd Monday of each month.

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Election of Parish Councillors for Hutton Rudby Parish

Three persons have been nominated for the two vacancies for a Parish Councillor for Hutton Rudby Parish. Only residents in Hutton Rudby are entitled to vote as Rudby Parish Council is a combined Parish Council and made up of the parishes of Hutton Rudby, Rudby, Skutterskelfe and Middleton-on-Leven.

Personal Statements from those nominated

Collingwood Andy

For those who don’t know me I am the guy you may have seen walking a fox red Labrador on the highways and byways of Hutton Rudby on a daily basis. I have been retired for a while and until recently undertook voluntary work during this period. I was a chartered quantity surveyor and worked as such in private practice and in the public sector. I finished my career as Director of Facilities Management for what is now James Cook University Hospital. This entailed responsibility for maintenance and development of the estate, catering, cleaning, security, portering, laundry, etc etc. I have offered myself for election to Rudby Parish Council with a view to assisting what is already a good team who may need a wee bit of encouragement to involve the community more. Additionally I believe better communication between the Parish Council and the community at large would be a benefit to all.

Hall Russell

I am aged 37 and married with two children who attend Hutton Rudby Primary School. I am a Farmer and have lived in the Parish all my life attending Hutton Rudby Primary School as well as other clubs and organisations. I feel I could bring the younger local person’s view to the Parish Council as well as the rural/agricultural knowledge that is required within a rural village. The village is a developing rural village which needs a Parish Council with a varied age and views on which decisions will be made. There is at this present time no member under the age of 40 to represent the younger people/families in the village.

Voke Andrew

I am aged 57 and married with 3 children. I have lived in the village for 30 years. I regularly attend Parish Council meetings as a member of the public and consider the work they do to be of great value; as a result I would like to play an active role on the Council and support them and all they do for the community. Linked to my interests in village life, I have also participated in various Neighbourhood Planning meetings and events. As a family we enjoy the wide variety of opportunities and amenities available within the Parish and I am happy to invest time and effort to preserve the unique flavour of Hutton Rudby for future generations.

Rudby Parish Council - List of Councillors
Hutton RudbyCouncillor Mr N BenningtonParish Councillor
Hutton RudbyCouncillor Mr S CosgroveParish Councillor
Hutton RudbyCouncillor Mr J NelsonParish Councillor
Hutton RudbyCouncillor Mr M FenwickParish Councillor
Hutton RudbyCouncillor Mr N ThompsonParish Councillor
Hutton RudbyVacancy
Hutton RudbyVacancy
RudbyCouncillor Mr M JonesChairman
RudbyCouncillor Mrs D MedlockParish Councillor
Middleton-on-LevenCouncillor Mr R ReadmanParish Councillor
SkutterskelfeCouncillor Mrs Emma FodenParish Councillor
Mrs J A PyleClerk
18 Deepdale, Hutton Rudby, Yarm, TS15 0DS Tel: 01642 700151

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Minutes and Agenda of Rudby Parish Council Meetings 2018
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Rudby Parish Council Archive (Minutes from previous years)

Rudby Parish Council - Other Documents
Name of DocumentDownload Link
Community Speed Watch Project (CSW)Download
Annual Return 2015/2016 UnauditedDownload
Accounting Statement 2015/2016 UnauditedDownload
Chairman's Annual Report 2015/2016Download
Chairman's Annual Report 2016/2017Download
Audited Annual Statement 2016/2017Download

Other Representives

District Councillor, County Councillor, M.P. and M.E.P.
Councillor Bridget Fortune (Conservative) is the Hambleton District Council representative for the Parish.
Councillor David Hugill (Conservative) is the North Yorkshire County Council representative for the Parish.
Rishi Sunak, (Conservative) is the MP for the Parish. (constituency: Richmond, N Yorkshire)
Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative) is one of the six MEPs for the Yorkshire and the Humber region


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Hambleton District Council

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